Saturday, January 3, 2015

What is the body?

A body of knowledge, spreads itself, open and regenerative, desiring. What is the Body? My body, this collective body, this body of text. This body of water. Cleansing itself, regenerating, dying and birthing itself anew with every movement, every thought and skin shed, every in and out breath, every revolution gone, party celebrated, war ended, every intimacy or trauma experienced. It is my home in this life, this ocean of possibilities – this transformative vessel through unknown trajectories. There are so many stories still to tell, to unveil and to discover.

I recently had an experience of this body, all knowledges together as a soup, my soup. The intelligence of this precarious beloved home cut open with doctors and nurses holding my hand, the touch of comfort counteracting the trauma of a blade. There at once, the body's intelligence. Knowing how to bleed, how to receive, how to remove illness, how to heal, how to love. The body knowing how to believe in its own capacity for change, for social-political transformation. It's protest, it's polemic.

It's need.

Defined by its variations, skin colour, genitalia, dis/ability etc it is culturally prescribed specific physical freedoms and socio-political limitations, hegemonically. Still. Born of possibilities. Due to socio-cultural conditions it adopts specific behaviours and customs to which it prescribes or rebels, contesting the subjugations of its cultural categorisations.

The body is the ultimate paradox, a bondage transgressed, simple and yet extremely complex, requiring the longest length of study in order to understand its workings, limited by it's materiality and yet defined by this precise sense of infinite possibility for change of political perspective and understanding through it.

In all senses.

I am asked. To present myself. In so many ways. I am present. There I am on a stage, on a table, a platform, a diving board, presenting the possibilities of my female agency from which to spring. The spring is a fountain of infinity. The body becomes a passage even in death, filled with so many possibilities. For resistance, for surrender. For choice. This body, my body, this collective body, this body of text, this body of water, can keep politically evolving, this fountain of knowledge.

Text written for Houston exhibition Public communication: Performing knowledge of the Body in January 2015, curated by Joe Joe Orangias.

Theatre of Ocean

Stories of performance between Us

This manuscript, titled Theatre of Ocean, is 100,000 words and was edited by Lauren Oyler in Berlin. 
Theatre of Ocean: Stories of performance between Us - says ‘There is nothing wrong with I. The I sometimes speaks of “we” better.’ (Chapter 11, “A Letter to Grandma”)
The work is a non-conventional narrative; a cross-cultural, feminist artist memoir best framed within the literary traditions of post-modern writing, autobiography, contemporary arts and feminism, spanning across 3 cultures including New Zealand. 
Theatre of Ocean is a memoir of a performance artist moving backwards and forwards in space and time; it is a series of stories of art and experience that interweave performance, love, art, culture, and gender politics. Framed as an autobiography, it plays on the idea of genre just as the artist's live work does by incorporating aspects of narrative, poetry, film, music, activism, travel writing, New Age ideology, academia, and performance within a metaphorical dance between cultures and art forms that is both speculative and political, wide-reaching and deeply personal. An established performance artist, dancer, choreographer, video artist, and burgeoning writer from New Zealand, Alexa Wilson guides the reader through fragmented musings that traverse the spaces between cultures, borders, art forms, lovers, identities, and times to explore a spiritual anarchism, offering reflections that stretch beyond the confines of institutions and conventional narrative.

The writing in Theatre of Ocean ranges from hyper-emotional prose-poem to academic feminist critique to humour piece. Written largely in Berlin, the book expresses a feminism through a theatre of words; the ephemeral medium of performance is articulated across cultures and times during the peak of a consumer age. Juxtaposing real stories with art works performed, scripted, staged, or improvised, Theatre of Ocean reveals an artist clawing at the possibilities for great change in the fabric of our world, in a dynamic triumvirate of settings: New York, Berlin, New Zealand. Theatre of Ocean uses its central metaphor to connect everyone and everything through a relentless ocean of performances within frameworks of experience, often violent, offering the reader opportunities for engagement. Ultimately, it is the opposite of an autobiography about an individual – it is stories of performance between an individual and her audience as well as those in her world, an autobiography about the collective forces that both affect and are affected by an individual, and what an individual can do to transform these forces.

Published in Contemporary Almanac with Toxic White Elephant Shock, NYC 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014


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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Awakened poet.

There was a tidy dance, in the tidy mind of a tidy person on a tidy hill. 

Even the wind seemed tidy in accordance with such containment.

Always cleaning up after itself at every turn the tidy dance was quite magnetic.

Something small and immensely violent was contained within the tidy dance.

Some kind of wild bondage to brutal fantasies existed there. But always latent, inside the tidy dance.

It brooded with a desire to be released, which it always held back from. 

By one moment. 

One word unsaid, one comfort offered, one touch made.

There was joy in the control of the tidy dance.

A pleasure was once again found within the displeasure of not letting go.

And so within limitation, a poet was awakened. 

It was the prayer of the monk and the nun, of all the enlightened ones. The ones who burn themselves in protest, the ones who fight in the mountains only to be imprisoned for years before maybe becoming a leader of the country or dying unknown or healing with their hands, thoughts and embraces like so many women. Whose shadows found their ways to the tattoos of lotuses, of fire dancing on a wall at night. Stories untold. Silence.

Within stillness and discipline a river washed over a dam and brought hurt to its resolve. Inside the hand of shackles weapons rode into oceans shattered. All was buried and recovered in one moment. Brought to justice and expressed.

And if I were to imagine the extravagance of this dance, it crawled into my eyeballs to make love to my synapses but only after eating everything from my refrigerator/brain. Which of course does not belong to me, as nothing really does. 

And he turned to me… 

Its the subtle moments that say the most, all the rest is theatrics as we know. Decoration for the ecstasy of all stripped down to a small moment in which he rests his hand gently upon my shoulder to console me at a sad moment, tears dripping onto my clothes, or shortly after intense intimacy, or flashes a small smile like all the rays from planets unknown, allows a look to access a complex moment and find relief there, or bumps into me as we walk along a canal duck gazing because he is walking too close to me. 

And inside this tidy dance, we find activism. 

'I love your energy' he says.

Walking the largest bridge in NZ in a Hikoi/march for Maori against …. we find a dizzying height of unity, waters thrashing below. A union, a joy in feeling that something is being fought for that is right, sacredly walked for, amidst thousands of small dances inside minds limitless, awakened are the poets of active love. 

Love for humanity. 

A mountain beheld.

Honour shielded.

Within the tidiness, was a small something wanting to let go of it all.

All the protests, the need for it all.

But it didn't know how.

It was now locked into alignment with its own synapses. Pervading that which is inseparable. And even the violence of the past, the tribes against tribes, slaves and cannibalism, genocide, fires and extinction of the largest bird, the colonisation and devastation of culture and land, the power play and guns used as trade and hierarchy itself against itself because each is its own tribe and against itself like cancer the body turning against itself… somehow it remembered harmony through all the years of injustice. Which finds its way through many forms, many roads to the same destination. Blood mixing with blood, stories into stories.

The gates opened.

Lips met, flags burnt, banners blazoned, feet walked, a head rested on a chest of a lover. To hear its heart beat wild. The fight for this love is a tidy dance, brutal because love hurts, like this protest over land and culture, to whom do we belong? Nothing belongs, we belong in this space. All. But the dance between all was undeniably beautiful and contained its own chaos reduced. Like a conceptual art piece. A penis stuck through a wall, exhibited as a Taiwanese artist stood in a wall in Berlin and allowed the audience to see his facial responses on a screen and listened on headphones to his sighs as people teased his erect or soft penis. A small controlled dance of intimacy on a wall, through a wall, transmitted as fragmented, the senses disrupted.

Through a wall. 

He does what he pleases.

She does what she pleases. 

The invitation is there and there are no rules. 

Within limitations we find our greatest potential, it sounds like something visceral, a cricket chirping on a breezy New Zealand summer evening shortly after twilight on a hill in the long grass. 

The most relaxed and beautiful of experiences. A comfort everyone should know, a peace twisting inside all possibility and simplicity. That we are cared for. 

A tidy wild dance of hope. 

Seeing the expression, connection and freedom of the all within a small moment, a touch of a finger, an air particle and all collapsing into itself without it being cancerous, as we find ease and joy among bodies merging as a wave of protest or lovers in the grass. 

'Been racing girl? All over the world in those big cities?' said a Maori tattooist warrior placing his hand against my forehead. 'You need to slow down, I'll give you a green stone'. I didn't ask him for anything and he gave so much. He reminded me of my own brother, tough but so soft, happy to listen and talk to me feeling akin, ‘We are the same' he says, telling me so many stories of how he should be dead, how he owes life back, how he faced a lot of death, time in gangs, and how love saved him. I felt the same. 'This bitch' he said turning to his wife who was laughing at him. 'You go back out there and get him' he said to me, 'go get him'.  

I had his blessing. 

For the small tidy dance of unity between all things. 

On a hill in my home land. With only wind connecting us from afar.

Friday, October 18, 2013


Curriculum Vitae for Alexa Wilson

Mission Statement:

I am committed to working across the disciplines of performance art, film, dance, writing and theatre in a questioning way, integrating political awareness and notions of community worldwide.


2013: Diploma in Medizinische Ganzkörpermassage (Medicine Full Body Massage), Winkels Academie Berlin.
2012: Pg Dip Fine Art with Transart Institute based in Berlin/NYC, accredited Plymouth University, UK.
2008: Completed an MA in Film Production, majoring in Screenwriting from The University of Auckland.
2000: Graduated from Unitec with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts in Contemporary Dance.
1997: Completed a B.A with double major in Film, TV & Media Studies and Women’s Studies from The University of Auckland. 


2012: Creative NZ Funded to study Post-Graduate Fine Art with Transart Institute (Berlin/NYC).
2011: Winner of 4 Auckland Fringe Festival Awards 2011 including Auckland Arts Festival Award.
2009: Goethe Institute scholarship to study German for 2 months in Berlin May-June 09 at level A2.
2008: Tup Lang Award (via Creative NZ) for Emerging choreographers in NZ and to support new work.
2005: Mine:d om Te Whau, a site specific on Unitec dance students- “Best of Dance 2005” in NZ Listener
2004: Magic Box- “Best New Work by Emerging Contemporary Choreographer 2004” in NZ Listener.
1997: Winner of Gold medal in Tae Kwon Do North Island Championships, New Zealand.

Performance work In Publications:

Interviewed as contemporary NZ artist in Gareth Shute's book Insights: NZ Artists Talk About Creativity.
Work from 'Acquistions 06' in Michelle Powell's book Touch Compass: Celebrating Integrated Dance
Contemporary Performance Almanac 2013, Published in NYC.

Writing Experience:

- Theatre of Ocean, First book to be published in 2015.

*I have written dozens of essays via my BA, BPSA, MA, PGDip Fine Art over many years and marked many essays as a teacher at M.I.T (Auckland, NZ) over 7 years lecturing in Film Theory in the Media and Communication Studies Department.

2012: Last Assignment Transart Institute First year PG Dip Fine Art research written element
2008: Last Assignment for MA in Film Production 'Seeing Sex' paper on film 'Irreversible'
2011: Published in Rem Magazine, 2 Short pieces of Writing, July 2011 Issue, online at
2004: Published also in Danz Quarterly NZ
2003: Published also in Danz Quarterly NZ
Performance/Dance Experience
Future 2015
- Red Gate Residency, Beijing China, 2014 as part of Extraordinary Aliens.
- Month of Performance Art - Berlin “Anthology” as a collaboration with NZ based Korean performance artist Samin Son. 
- Publishing “Theatre of Ocean
- “Extraordinary Aliens” full length video to tour film festivals.
- “The Status of Being” German tour.
- Application to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna for a PhD in practice. 

- Choreographed on Footnote Dance Company for NZ Tour a work called The Status of Being, Europe tour 2015.
- Star/Oracle of Delphi presented in Tempo, Auckland's Festival of Dance and Body Festival, Christchurch.
- Star/Oracle of Delphi presented in fine art gallery's Art Space as part of To&Fro residency with Amelia Hitchcock, Auckland and Physics Room for the Body Festival, Christchurch.
- Star/Oracle of Delphi, Volksroom Brussels, Poznan Design Festival Poland 2014.
Star/Oracle of Delphi, 100 Grad Berlin Festival 2014, Sophiensaele Theatre.
2013 -Pitching at Ada Studio for Extraordinary Aliens in AUSUFERN Festival Berlin to tour Europe 2014. 
- Star/Oracle of Delphi, International Triennial of Extended Art Media, INVENTIA INCLUSIVA, Belgrade, Serbia
- Star/Oracle of Delphi, Reh Kunst Gallerie, Berlin.
Extraordinary Aliens (live version)- Month of Performance Art Berlin.
- Star/Oracle of Delphi, Center for Performance Research New York City, Spring Movement Season, G30 Gallery, Berlin MPA-B, marathon evening MPA-Berlin.
-Performed with Geheimagentur/Random People in Hamburg's "Aktionen // Attraktionen" - "Actions // Attractions" event at the Hamburger Dom, collaboration with Mark Harvey on his Venice Biennale work.
- Burning Student Loans project, part of video for Extraordinary Aliens the film version, Auckland, NZ.
2012:- Performed for Linda Montano as one of her band 'The Glandettes', Jack, Brooklyn, NYC
-Performed Yoga Power Centres Series in NYC, Montreal, Berlin, Frankfurt. Live Sacri$Body in Brooklyn Artspace, NYC.
-Performed The Star in Ada Studio's 10x10 Series, Berlin & at Leonhardi Kulturprojecte in Frankfurt.
-Performed Oracle of Delphi, Leonhardi Kulturprojecte, show 'Slowing of the light', Frankfurt.
-Show Pony, collaboration with Nisha Madhan New Performance Festival, Aotea Centre, Auckland, NZ.
Weg: A-Way (Winner 4 Auckland Fringe Awards 2011) presented at Tempo '11, Body Festival '11 Chch, Rice and Beans Gallery Dunedin, Enjoy Gallery Wellington, Audio Foundation, Auckland, NZ.
Dancer for Anna Bate, So Fake its Real, Short n Sweet, Auckland Town Hall, NZ.
2011: Produced and choreographed for Millionaire PM- a political event series (trilogy) at Golden Dawn 2011, Auckland, NZ.
Dancer for Anna Bate, So Fake its Real, Short n Sweet, Old Folks Association, Auckland NZ.
Dancer at Cassette # for Sick Disco, Auckland NZ.
Weg A-Way, Toxic White Elephant Shock, Heartksnow, Body of Text, all in NZ Film Archive collection.
Weg: A-Way (Winner 4 Auckland Fringe Awards 2011), Auckland Fringe Festival, Galatos Bar.
2010:  -Berlin performance of solo work in 'Stack'- a collaboration with other artists in K-Salon Gallerie. 
Die Totezone: Collaboration with performance artist Cat Ruka, online Upstage101010, Berlin
2009: Polar Pop- Collaborated on a duet with Tallulah Holly-Massey at Gallerie Freudenreich, Berlin.
-  Collaborated with NZ choreographer/dancer Anna Macrae in a Turbo residency at Impuls Tanz in Vienna.
Toxic White Elephant Shock, CNZ funded residency/show with Tup Lang Award: Corban Estate/Mau, Auckland, NZ.
Skype Collaboration with Cellulite Rose at Artspace, Auckland, NZ, from Vienna.
Produced Toxic White Elephant Shock, CNZ funded.
Choreographed launch to the first ever Auckland Fringe Festival, alongside director Stephen Bain, NZ.
2006: -Nemesis: Trial By Love as invited Guest Choreographer for the Unitec S.P.A.S.A for Year 2 dance.
The Golden Rulz as part of the group show The Collection, Auckland, via Rifleman Productions.
Sequintial Roadkill for Touch Compass Dance Company Acquistions 06, Auckland Town Hall.
- Awards Judge: A member of the awards panel for Tempo, Auckland's Festival of Dance 2006.
2005: No Such Place- dancer for choreographer Lisa Densem (Berlin based), Wellington, NZ. 
Mine:d- omTe Whau: Site Specific performance on Year 2 dance students at Unitec/prior Carrington Hospital, Auckland NZ.
2004: Magic Box for Late Night Choreographers for Tempo, Auckland's Festival of Dance 04. Producer LNC 2004.
2003: - Alexa Wilson [shut up and] dance, a solo work performed at Late Night Choreographers 1, Tempo 03
Seven Headly Spins, a Creative NZ funded 6 week dance/acting workshop.
2002: - Inland, dancer for Douglas Wright's national tour, NZ. 
-Weather Vain People- dancer for Malia Johnston as part of Fracture, Kenneth Myers Centre, NZ.  
-Noah’s Artifice, choreography, Creative Communities funded and Axess Dance Collective show Reign.
2001: -save/dance choreography toured from Auckland-Wellington and Melbourne with various group shows.
- kill/dance, collaboration in difficult company toured Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne Fringe, Dancehouse Great Escapes Festival.
2011-2001: written a number of critiques and reviews for Danz Quarterly,,, Danznet.

Film Experience
2013-2001: All live performances since graduating from Unitec SPASA containing video projections.
2013: -Extraordinary Aliens short version screening in BorderBody, Spain and Poland.
- Performer in Gabriel White's feature Film "Oracle Drive", screened NZ International Film Festival.
2012: Video projects filmed as part of post graduate study with Transart Institute a series called Sacri$Body.
2011: Tutor at Unitec's School of Performing and Screen Arts 1st year 'Moving Image with live choreography' project.
- NZ Film Archive catalogues various works including Weg A-Way, Toxic White Elephant Shock, Heartsnow, Body of Text.  
- Shortlisted for NZ Fresh shorts/NZFC: Awesome Night Out.
- Weg: A-Way edit: NZ Video collection of performance artists in a Copenhagen curation by Chris Hewitt.
2010: Heartsknow, video, filmed, directed, performed Berlin.
-Body of Text, video, shot, directed Beelitz south of Berlin.
2009: Choreographed for NZ director Kezia Barnett's music video of Anika Moa's song 'Wise men say', NZ.
- Performed in Elena Doyle's award winning short film Meniscus.
2008: - Our Passion and The Megaphone, short films directed and filmed during MA in Film Production.
2008-2001: Film theory guest lecturer at MIT Auckland – including gender, post-colonial and psychoanalysis theory plus marking essays.
2006: - Goldenhorse (band) in a music video  (choreographer) for the single “Don’t wake me up.” 
2005: - Worked in Art Department on Helena Brook's short film which screened at Cannes Nothing Special.
2003: - Danger, video performance funded by Creative Communities and performed many venues (NZ film archive)
2002: -Woodenhead, dancer in Florian Habicht’s first feature film. 

Teaching Dance/Film Employment
2013: Teaching dance workshops through Osho Active Meditation Centre, Berlin.
2012: Taught independent week long workshops in Auckland and Wellington in 'Movement Integration with Performance Art' at Pitt Street Methodist church hall and Thistle hall.
2011: Tutor at Unitec's School of Performing and Screen Arts 1st year 'Moving Image with live choreography' project and workshops with 3rd dance students. 
2008: Taught dance to disabled teenagers/children through an organisation called Starjam, NZ.
2008-2001: Film theory guest lecturer at MIT Auckland – including gender, post-colonial and psychoanalysis theory plus marking essays.
2006: Nemesis: Trial By Love as invited Guest Choreographer for the Unitec S.P.A.S.A for Year 2 dance.
2006-2005: Interdisciplinary Performance tutor at Unitec for 3rd dance students and guest choreographer Y2
-Guest tutor at The University of Auckland in the Dance Studies for choreography.
2005: Mine:d- omTe Whau: Site Specific performance on Year 2 dance students at Unitec/prior Carrington Hospital. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013


“Theory is Practice'": Suck my Üfoe 2010 Album By Alexa Wilson
16 June 2010 at 17:35

Alexa Wilson (B.I.T.C.H- aka Babe in Total Control of Herself)'s Triple LP- World Reunited- Triptych Trilogy Analogy (Plus epic hidden tracks)

Proposed Songs Frm Berlin '10- flowing from the river and love of truth

Feel free to put beats or lyrics to any of these songs anyone...

List of Tracks ('Life is performative')

A Side: 1

1.Meet you at Hermannplatz
2.Is this a dance Performance now?
3.In the shadow of Australia
4.I want crutches on the ubahn too
5.NZ- such a nice place to visit
6.What make you here?
7.Anymore Questions?
8.Ich Liebe Dich, Ich Liebe Dich auch Nicht
9. Its a crisis (within a crisis within)
10. Ghosts in your eyes
11. Don't lie, its just the drugs or alcohol talking
12. How many times do we have to go through or over this?
13. I have no limbs eyes
14. Don't beg off me, I know you're on welfare
15. Forced tips
16. I am not a tourist- I have no job either
17. Why should i tip you? you're rude and forgot my order
18. Zurück Bleiben Bitte
19. This train is going to terminate there!
20. Don't trip on the cobbles now
21. What's my name?
22. What day is it?

Hidden tracks A side 1

23. Let's all roll our eyes together now Europa
24. Hast du Lust? Kommst du mit?
25. Serial Killer lust stare
26. Foot massage in the park in vienna
27. In bed with tv
28. Dig up your heart and let's celebrate!
29. Second hand family photos
30. Don't mention the wall
31. You think i'm hot but you don't know me
32. You wouldn't like me when i'm angry :) (or maybe you would)

B Side 1

33. I sense much anger in you
34. You should know better you meditate
35. Bad dates/ judgment day
36. Chill out Frau Wilson
37. You aren't from the EU are you?
38. Not from round here are you?
39. Come here often to stand in the snow?
40. If you're from Italy or spain maybe, but Russia definitely not!
41. Text break up tips
42. Internet make ups x10
43. Another positions please
44. Eat life Peas
45. You must miss the ocean
46. Minimal techno is my lunch
47. Sticking plasters are falling off my nude wounds
48. You could make it – miracles do happen!
49. Man in white coming for me (yes he's a doctor)
50. Lady with the bloodshot eyes behind me
51. No i'm not a student, I wish
52. Just say yes or fuck off
53. I am sorry I am a jerk
54. Who's your community? Who?
55. Oh life
56. Can i wait in a queue for 3 more hours?
57. Sex, sex and more sexy sex
58. Open heart surgery
59. Crows circling in my eyes out the window
60. Soften the anus i mean the arms- freudian slip
61. I love my body do you love yours?
62. Whose more nude than you?
63. Whose more nude than who?
64. I like you but I feel sick
65. Never never land Berlin 10
66. Go home foreigners, stop genetrifying our city

Hidden tracks B side 1

67. 'Everyone wants to be an artist in Berlin'
68. Don't plant sacred plants in the gay cruising spot
69. I've taken everything
70. Drug dealers, frisbee and badminton in the park on sunday
71. African boys running from the cops past me meditating
72. Don't take my photo bitch
73. Girl with the lazy eyes
74. Balloon kids

A side 2

75. Call MY name, i've been waiting hours now!
76. Luck dragon's in my bed
77. Paying to use nature
78. I love your style especially your calm brown pants
79. Back home all the girls loved me
80. Want to take a trip to the lake with me and my dog on the full moon
81. Pash with no name
82. Butterflies
83. Slipping on dirty ice: still no crutches
84. Google english translator
85. Berlin ist verrückt !
86. Fahrschein 'ticket' please
87. Dance for us, actually no don't
88. Dances with axes and ladders
89. Was ist your point?
90. It must be so hard for you
91. Uncontrollable giggling, uncontrollably laughing at other people
92. Shadenfreude
93. I don't understand (anything)
94. So was machst du heute?
95. Tiger and half a butterfly
96. Poisoned by facepainting when you're trying to make a buck
97. Paint my picture (and get it right)
98. Sick and nude
99. Telling it like it is
100. Invalid city
101. City of opportunity and none
102. That's just governments
103. Millionaire Prime Minister
104. Steal my heart and my ideas- don't worry i am a 'source' person
105. Cheers to politics and art and a meeting of minds
106. Here today gone tomorrow: I wish i'd done Landmark forum
107. Are you in the schlange? (snake/queue)
108. Better watch your boyfriend bro

Hidden tracks B side 2

109. What's the score?
110. Raining on my foxes
111. The trees tell me i'm a liar
112. The trees are telling me you're a dickhead
113. Eyes are looking your way
114. I'm feeling sexy and creative
115. Maybe you should lower your standards

A side 3

116. Brainstorm like its an electric storm
117. Caught in the pouring rain (again)
118. Let's get nude and sing songs round the fire- no seriously
119. Extreme noise employed
120. All orifices are sensitive
121. Psychedelic fool
122. More rash cream yeah
123. Don't crush my dreams like a paper cup
124. Nuclear wedding
125. I'm not depressed i'm thoughtful
126. No more photos please!
127. Do you want my bottle? No i should keep it
128. Why are we not more evolved than this?
129. 2 kinds of Frau behind the desk
130. Hey Mickey... (wave from behind the karaoke mic)!
131. Keep your spirits up- like reflux
132. Oh shit I thought you were someone (else)
133. The street is my theatre
134. The trees are alive
135. Public Private thoughts divide
136. Don't take sides, it'll make you rich neutral
137. The war's not over, peace is near by though
138. Doves in my dreams only (in 'only the lonely' style)
139. Figure 8 of animal and human body parts dream
140. Stop the laughter, its hurting
141. Hot guy asleep at the doctor
142. When is it my turn?
143. Humility is humiliating
144. We are so affected by the weather eh?
145. We are all in this together, how's the cold?
146. Putting your head through this wall, put a helmet on
147. The pillow talks to me
148. No pain no game naturally
149. Superstadt (super city)
150. Heart tattoo on the forehead (just in the very corner)

Hidden Tracks A side 3

151. Man picking your nose i love you
152. Zug nach Hermannstrasse (Not)
153. Chased by BVG
154. They can't touch you
155. I wish they would touch me
156. Revolution inside this recession
157. Irony taken to the next level must be like heaven

B side 3

158. Over the handlebars again a bit like like over the rainbow
159. No sympathy is good for me
160. Blind date- syphilis is that you?
161. Caught in the train doors once more
162. Have you slipped into a coma yet?
163. Flags in my eyes its nationalism rising
164. They love helium balloons here
165. Staring at that space, brother you're fine
166. Yes no maybe happy romance
167. Schlecker in my lecker on the ecke
168. Oh my god oh my god
169. There's colours on my face
170. Ghost in your machine- wow you're NOT a lesbian?
171. Where can i find you?
172. Um, hallo. Click
173. Mental note
174. Falling over my face again, loving you
175. Have confidence in your courage
176. love is wicked!
177. Be the effect and the cause will follow
178. Life is a garden, rose and thorn are one
179. Love is courage
180. You evil bitch you are an evil ugly person
181. Only too much is good enough
182. Be realistic-plan for a miracle
183. Untitled
184. Untitled 2
185. Trust
186. How about giving my camera back?
187. Live, Love and Laugh
188. I love myself, hope you do too

Hidden Tracks B side 3

189. Sorry if sometimes i say wack shit
190. All apologies (cover of Nirvana)
191. No apologies
192. Take responsibility for your own shit
193. I bleed (a cover of Pixies)
194. Gold (not a cover of Pixies)
195. Priceless (Ballad)
196. Afterlife (not a cover of Tricky)
197. Hell's bells (Haiku)
198. We love smoke machines and poetry rising
199. 'Fuck you' 5 times a day helps clear the throat (quote zen osho)
200. I heart dance and music forever- its my fire... 
201. Love each other